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The easy to clean, shatterproof glass on the MHC201FR provides a tough, durable and practical cooking surface that is perfect for any family kitchen.



The Matrix MHC101FR is a four zone ceramic hob on black frameless glass. The hob has 6 power levels with an easy clean surface and residual heat indicators alerting you to when the hob is too hot to touch.



The Matrix MHE003SS is a practical four plate electric hob in stainless steel. The hob has 6 power levels with a power indicator light.



The Matrix MHG101SS is a 60cm four burner gas hob in stainless steel. The model features side controls, enamel pan supports, automatic ignition and flame failure as standard.



The MHN101FR is a simple, stylish and extremely functional induction hob with four cooking zones and seamless touch controls that allow fast, responsive and energy efficient cooking on an easy to clean glass surface.


Matrix Ceramic Hobs

Clean, streamlined and easy to use. Our ceramic hobs are perfect for modern kitchens with their simple style and practical function.

The power levels are easy to control and select, allowing you to simmer, boil and flash fry hassle-free.

The shatterproof glass surface is easy to wipe down and keep clean, with a streamlined design that doesn’t trap dirt like other hob styles.

Choose from control knobs or a full touch control panel, depending on your style and preference. Why pay more for practical, essential cooking at home?

Matrix Hob
Matrix Hob

Matrix Electric Hobs

Complementing our other stainless steel appliances, the electric hob is also finished in a top quality, brushed steel that coordinates this model perfectly.

Nothing could be more straight forward to use with four hot plates, an indicator to let you know when the hob is still hot and control knobs that quickly click between power levels.

Affordable, practical and reliable, the electric solid plate hob is a quick fit, quick cook hob that offers no-frills cooking at a great price.

Matrix Gas Hobs

Quick, responsive and practical, our gas hob is the professionals’ preferred cooking style as flames can be adjusted quickly-perfect for the aspiring cook.

This 60cm model is neat and compact, with four zones and three different sizes of burner to suit your pan sizes. The pan supports come in a dishwashable black enamel that also make this model is easy to keep clean.

Our gas hob includes an LPG conversion kit so that your kitchen fitter can easy install it with a mains or bottled gas supply, depending on availability.

Matrix Hob
Matrix Hob

Matrix Induction Hobs

Induction cooking is new, fast, energy efficient and clean…but usually prohibitively expensive. Now, we have introduced an affordable, 60cm induction hob to our collection that offers this quick cooking technology at a reasonable price.

Induction works by magnetically conducting heat to the food or liquid directly, without heating up the whole cooking zone. This saves energy and brings pans to the boil more quickly.

The shatterproof glass surface is easy to wipe down and keep clean, with a streamlined design that doesn’t trap dirt like other hob styles.

With touch controls and an easy clean surface it is as practical as a ceramic model and, with induction cooking technology, it is as responsive and powerful as a gas hob.