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New Range Out Now

We will soon be introducing the brand new range from Matrix Appliances. We offer a selection of well-made, good looking kitchen appliances that cost far less than you would think. Matrix Appliances has been established for over 10 years and bring experience, high standards and a UK customer support network to you at affordable, great value prices.

We select only the highest quality brushed stainless steel, glass, tested components and latest designs to make sure you never have to compromise on style, whatever your budget.

Reliable Performance

Working to a budget shouldn’t mean that you expect things not to last. Matrix Appliances are built to be reliable and perform brilliantly, time after time. We test every batch that comes off our production lines to ensure that the high standards we set are met with every delivery. If something should go wrong, you can rest assured that you will receive the full support of our UK customer care network. We have trained ears in our call centre and trained hands on the road in our fleet of engineer vehicles.

We support all our products with a 2 year parts, 1 year labour guarantee to ensure that you never get stuck without help.

Low price doesn’t mean low quality

Low cost shouldn’t mean low quality. Ensuring every single appliance that we manufacture is reliable and finished with precision is just part of what we do every day. We are part of a much larger company and our appliances are subjected to the same rigorous testing and high standards that you would expect from a far more expensive brand.

We source the highest grade materials and components to ensure that every appliance is exactly what you had hoped for. Not only will your kitchen look great but we guarantee that it will be enjoyable to use and will cook, refrigerate, extract and wash brilliantly whilst feeling like great value for money every single day.

Where can I find Matrix Appliances?

You can pick up selected Matrix models on your high street in any one of these stores:
bunnings, homebase, wren kitchens, appliances direct

New features to the range…

  • Energy Efficient

    We are always working hard to improve the energy efficiency of our appliances and make them even kinder to the environment. Our MW402 60cm integrated dishwasher, for example, is rated a massive A++ for efficiency. You will be amazed at how little it costs for such a high spec dishwasher that has a minimal impact on the environment.

  • Aesthetics

    New control knobs on our hobs and ovens give extra style to the overall design. The new design feels like it should belong to a far more expensive brand. This is the sort of extra detail you can expect from Matrix. Premium quality at a practical price.

  • New Technology

    Induction cooking is the future. It is clean, efficient and just as responsive as gas…but it is often very expensive. Our Matrix range now offers a modern induction hob model with touch control, a built-in timer, extra safety features and a crisp LED display. This is top technology at pocket money prices.

Whatever your style…

From taking your first step on the housing ladder, to downsizing or renting out a property, appliances can quickly absorb your budget. You need more than a fridge to make a kitchen, that’s why we created the Matrix range. Offering everything from hobs in every fuel type, to double and single ovens, extractors, dishwashers, fridges, freezers and even range cookers, the Matrix collection has everything you need to kit out your kitchen and make your house a home.

We keep up to date with the latest technology and coveted kitchen style to make sure that you can create the home you want, at a price you can afford. Whether you dreamed of the kitchen in your first home, or need to get a property back onto the market quickly, we have a range of appliances that will fit the bill perfectly to impress guests and entice viewers.

Pick up a brochure today!

To receive your Matrix brochure, simply drop us an email at with your name, address and let us know that you are after a ‘Matrix brochure’. We will pop one in the post to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can download a brochure PDF to your phone by clicking here.